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Reports Equal access to health and medical care

The reports are derived from workshops and seminars organised in the context of the project 'Equal access to health and medical care'.


Roger Casterman. Topographe au Congo/1926-1936

Le livre Roger Casterman - topographe au Congo. 1926-1936 est un portrait de l'Afrique coloniale ainsi qu'une chronique intime d'un jeune père de fam…

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With this book Crosstalks wants to contribute to escape routes out of a society divided by class, income, race, sex, education and age.

bridges over troubled water cover

Bridges over troubled waters

The most recent academic research on water management, this publication examines two-years-worth of workshops and seminars and presents border-crossi…

welvaren zonder groei cover

Welvaren zonder groei

Een momentopname van een alsmaar groeiende beweging van onderzoekers, ondernemers en denkers die vorm willen geven aan een duurzamere wereld.

we can change the weather cover back of book

We can change the weather - 100 cases of changeability

This 4th Crosstalks book documents 100 tangible local initiatives from all over the world that fit into a constructive and holistic movement for soci…

in sickness and in health cover

In Sickness and in Health

Through a series of workshops, Crosstalks explored the future role, price setting, access to and added value of medicines.

brave new interfaces

Brave New Interfaces

A particular collection of articles baised on the discussions, insights and perspectives raised during the Brave New Interfaces workshop.

how open is the future cover

How open is the future?

Crosstalks explores the probing issue of “Free and Open Source Software” from an interdisciplinary and wide-angled perspective.