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Dunes of Schouwen-Duiveland© Darko Lagunas (instagram: @darkolagunas)
Wednesday, 20 January 2021, 20:00

Justice in a Multispecies World: Round Table Discussion

A Series of More-Than-Human Encounters

Researcher Eva Bernet Kempers, The Dunes of Schouwen-Duiveland & sociologist Darko Lagunas on the representation and translation of non-human actors.

Sweeney's Bothy, Isle of Eigg, Scotland, 2018. Courtesy of Bothy Project. Photo: Andrew Ridley
Wednesday, 03 April 2019, 19:30

Hinterland Hub. From solitary residence to international networking

Chair History and Philosophy of Sciences

Dialogues on residencies for scientists, artists and other thinkers. With Sophie Nys, John Tresch and others.

history and philosophy
Tuesday, 03 November 2015, 18:30

Academic session with Simon Schaffer and Adam Lowe

Chair History and Philosophy of Sciences

Lectures by historian Simon Schaffer and artist Adam Lowe on the study of objects and the boundary between image and form.