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Blowing off some steam - Interview with Caroline Pauwels


“We need that large portfolio of possible interactions and cross-pollinating samples since you cannot predict which one of them will be a trigger for someone to come to an insight or understanding. Whether the triggers are good art or good science or of a lesser kind, that's even secondary. In a way all these interactions are walks or strolls that stimulate wonderment.”
Caroline Pauwels (VUB) in the publication ‘Go with the Flow and Stay with the Trouble’, edited by Marleen Wynants (ISBN: 9788836644247).

The publication is the wrap up of STAL – Sciences, Arts & Technologies Lab -, a joint project by VUB, ULB and BOZAR. The book presents voices and networks fostering encounters between artists and scientists while leaving the disciplines intact and where messiness is allowed. Order via www.silvanaeditoriale.it.

Read the full interview in the attached pdf.

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