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Critical Thinking within Islam #2: Lecture and text by Michiel Leezenberg

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Lecture (23')

Michiel Leezenberg works in the philosophy and classical languages departments of the University of Amsterdam. In his lecture Inleiding tot de filosofische traditie binnen de islam [Introduction to the Philosophical Tradition in Islam], Leezenberg refutes the cliché that Islam has no Enlightenment tradition, and zooms in on two important thinkers from the classical period: Al-Farabi and Abu Bakr al-Razi.

Want to delve into the theme?

In the accompanying text Vrijdenken binnen de islam [Free-thinking within Islam] Michiel Leezenberg talks about classical Islamic civilization, and sheds light on the work of certain philosophers and free-thinkers from that period. Their relevance today, including in the general debate on Islam, is also discussed. Read the text in French, English or Dutch.


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